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Top 5 Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Posted on by Ace Discos Team

Every celebration needs to be memorable, but weddings are the ultimate party; bringing together friends and family for one of the biggest moments in a couple’s lives. On your big day, everything needs to be absolutely perfect, and that includes the entertainment – you can’t have people being bored at your wedding!

There are different options for wedding entertainment, from the traditional to the slightly more unorthodox. You may just fancy hiring a DJ to get everyone dancing, or you might want to go a little further and get a live band to play at your celebration. One thing that should be avoided is letting your iPod do the work, as that can sometimes go disastrously wrong!

A Live DJ is a Must

As previously stated, plugging your iPod into the speakers and putting it on shuffle is a faux pas of the highest order. Even if you carefully arrange a playlist beforehand, you won’t be able to tailor it to the tastes of the room on the day. You don’t want to have to keep rushing back over to your iPod to change the song because it’s not going down well, leaving your guests standing around awkwardly. Booking a live DJ means that you inject a bit more personality into your celebration, as they can select the music as they go, basing it on the atmosphere in front of them.  Ace Discos can provide top quality professional DJs who will provide the music you want, and maintain the perfect party atmosphere throughout the night.

Top Quality Lighting

wedding dj lighting

wedding lighting

Your wedding reception won’t be complete without lighting! It really does add a lot to a room full of people, increasing the party vibe – and that’s never a bad thing. At Ace Discos, we provide a range of excellent lighting set ups, available for a variety of venue sizes, so you can be sure your guests won’t be over or underwhelmed by what they see!


Additional Entertainment

While the music will keep your guests entertained for the evening, there is the possibility that some of the patrons at your event maybe of a slightly lower age and attention span. So keep in mind that any children at your wedding may need something to keep them occupied whilst the parents are dancing, champagne flutes in hand. Acts like magicians are a great idea, as they can really capture the kids’ imaginations and give the parents a break from their duties. Ace Discos can provide a special children’s ‘party’ segment to fully involve the kids, and there can even be party bags to take home with them!

Arrange Dancing for Your Guests

An organised dancing session can be great fun, for both you and your guests. A barn dance is a popular choice for these kinds of events; it allows your guests to mingle with each other in a situation where they otherwise might not. Line dancing can also be a great way to bring all your guests together, providing they don’t take themselves too seriously!

Your Very Own Casino

If you want to go that one step further and add a little Vegas glitz to your wedding reception, then these ‘casinos’ are the perfect addition. Blackjack tables, slot machines and roulette wheels can be hired out to make your guests feel like they’re in Vegas for the night. Just to be clear, the guests won’t be gambling with real money, as that has the potential to ruin some people’s evenings (and is not legal without a licence!)

Above are just some ideas to help make your special day even more special. Keeping everyone entertained and happy can be very stressful for you, so providing the right entertainment takes the pressure off and frees you up to enjoy your big day.

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